Maintenance & Services

General servicing of air-conditioner is required to keep your air-condition equipment working in its best condition. Please remember to service your air-conditioner once every 3 months for optimum performance.

What you get for general service:

  1. Clean and flush out condenser where required.
  2. Inspect and adjust thermostat and other automatic controls, if necessary.
  3. Inspect compressor and refrigerant system; check seal pipelines for tightness; refrigerant, temperature, pressure and safety devices.
  4. Clean coil, water tray and drain connection as necessary.
  5. Inspect clean, adjust and lubricate all necessary automatic controls, contact point and automatic valves.
  6. Inspect equipment for refrigerant leaks and report, if any.
  7. Check the operation pressure of the system.
  8. Inspect and clean air filter.
  9. Check overload element of dashpot controls.
  10. Lubricating of motor bearings when necessary.
  11. Adjusting of fan belts and pulleys when necessary.
  12. Any chemical cleaning not included in the package, will be charged as extra to the Customer.
  13. Touch up all rusty parts if necessary.
  14. Maintain proper records of all servicing and repair works.
  15. Free topping up of R22 refrigerant gas from 5 to 10 psi.

Free spraying of Floral Mist (chemical) to kill germs during every servicing!


For all other enquries, please feel free to contact us via the Service Request Form.

Q: Why is the room not cold?
A: There are a number of causes as to why a room is not cold. We have listed some of the common causes:

1. Air filter is dirty
2. Object blocking the air inlet/outlet of the indoor/outdoor units.
3. Aircon temperature is set too high.
4. Windows and doors are opened.
5. Airflow direction is not appropriately set.
6. Remote control is not in the cooling mode.
7. Parts may be faulty.
8. Fan motor is clogged with dust. Thus cool air is being blocked, and cannot be blown out.
9. The air-conditioner installed is undersized.
Please contact qualified service technician to attend to your air-conditioner.

Q: Why is the air-conditioner leaking water?
A: Water from the air-conditioner is discharged out through a drainage pipe that is run from the fan coil unit to the nearest drain. Water will start to leak from the fan coil if the drainage pipe is clogged with dirt. This can also happen when the drainage pipe between the fan coil unit to the drain does not have a proper gradient – poor installation.
Please contact qualified service technician to attend to your air-conditioner.

Q: Why does water drip from the condenser (Outdoor unit)?
A: It is normal for water to drip from the condenser as condensation takes places when the warm air surrounds the piping condensate.

Q: Why does the air-conditioner produce a foul smell?
A: This is due to the smell of the room, furniture, or cigarettes being absorbed into the unit and is discharged together with the airflow.
Please contact qualified serviceman to service your air-conditioner in the event that the air-conditioner produce a foul smell.

Q: Why is my air-conditioner noisy?
A: The blower evaporating coil of the air-conditioner may be dirty.
Please contact qualified serviceman to service your air-conditioner.

Q: Why is the fan coil unit still operating when the condenser is not?
A: When the room temperature has reached its set temperature by the remote controller, the condenser will stop operating. It will resume operation once the temperature rises.

Q: What happens if I do not service my air-conditioner?
A: The life span of the air-conditioner will be shortened, coolness will decrease with usage and water leaking problem may occur as a result of a choke drainage system. The inefficient operation will then cause the electricity consumption to increase.

Q: How often should I service my air-conditioner?
A: Household air-conditioner should be serviced once every 3 months. Air-conditioner for office and commercial usage should be serviced once every month.

Q: Can we do the general servicing by ourselves?
A: Cleaning of fan coil and the cover of the air-conditioner can be done easily but to take out the water tray will be tough for some people. To vacuum the drainage system and to check the refrigeration level cannot be done without the equipment. The knowledge of checking the working system is also important in maintaining the air-conditioner in good condition.

Q: Why must your company dismantle the fan coil unit for chemical service instead of inserting a water tray to wash away the chemical?
A: By dismantling the fan coil unit, we can clean the air-conditioner’s individual components thoroughly with alkaline-based chemical, without leaving behind chemical residue which may lead to the corrosion of the fan coil.